Facts about Recycling

Take the waste out of your business

Envirofirst provide businesses across Lancaster and the South Lakes with a clean, green and cost-effective solution to waste reduction and recycling.
The European Unionís Landfill Directive will put an end to the UKís reliance on landfill for waste disposal. This legislation aims to deter any further harm to the environment by making waste disposal increasingly difficult and costly. To succeed in this greener future, businesses of all sizes and sectors must radically reduce the amount of waste they produce.

Envirofirst are committed to reducing and recycling waste to minimise the cost to you and the environment. Based in Lancaster and operating into the South Lakes area, Envirofirst have the equipment and the expertise to provide effective yet inexpensive solutions that can dramatically cut the waste of all local businesses.
The first step is for us to carry out a no cost, no obligation assessment of your current waste disposal arrangements. We will then prepare an analysis highlighting the potential reductions in landfill available to you, and the corresponding savings. Whatever line of business you are in, Envirofirst can cut your waste and cut your costs.