Facts about Recycling

Questions answered

Questions, questions, questions. Here we’ve tried to answer most of them, but if there is anything we’ve missed, please email Envirofirst and we’ll get right back to you.
Is a charge made for the Site Waste Survey?


Will I save money, time and effort by dealing with Envirofirst?


How do I know Envirofirst recycling bins will work for me?

In most cases they work exceptionally well. However, to give you absolute peace of mind, we will supply them to you free of charge and with no obligation for one month so you can find out for yourself.
When is my bin being emptied?

Once a collection day has been agreed you should expect your bin to be emptied at the agreed time. In the unlikely event that this changes due to circumstances beyond our control we will do our best to inform you in advance. During the harshest winter for 30 years (2009-2010) we serviced over 99% of our customers to schedule. The few we could not physically get to were contacted and alternative collection days agreed.

How do I know my waste is recycled?

You are welcome to come and visit one or all of our recycling facilities. Please call and we will arrange this with pleasure and more than a little pride.