Facts about Recycling

Waste collection containers

Whatever the waste, Envirofirst have the container to deal with it. Our full range of recycling bins and collection containers are designed to meet your needs and comply with all regulations.
We supply and collect the following waste containers:

Wheelie bins

Our high quality wheelie bins have the capacity and convenience to meet the needs of any business. For example, our 240 litre wheelie bin is ideal for collecting glass bottles, paper, tin cans and plastic bottles, while the larger, commercial wheelie bins are available up to 1100 litres in a variety of styles to suit general waste and recycling materials.


Select the skip that suits the quantity of waste you plan to dispose of, from an 8 yard chain lift to a 40 yard hook lift.


Colour-coded and clearly labelled to collect a variety of segregated materials, Envirobags offer a simple solution to many recycling needs.

Our durable Envirobins are made in the UK from steel and plastic. They can be used individually or in a group to provide businesses with a recycling area that is good-looking and user-friendly.

Baled materials

Whatever materials you bale, we have the facilities to collect them and recycle them. Please contact us for details and best prices.


We pride ourselves on the comprehensive range of collection and recycling services offered to our customers. If you wish to discuss you own specific waste requirements, please contact us for help or advice.